About us

We are driven by experimental desire and creativity. We strive to have an environmentally friendly perspective in what we do and want to minimize chemicals and artificial materials in our products. Warg of Sweden stands for a sustainability concept with a focus on nature, where our cutting boards represent a simpler lifestyle, where consumption and mass production are our counterpoint.
We do not destroy any forest or import materials from abroad, but instead try to utilize materials found here in Sweden. Since we make all cutting boards by hand, we can follow nature's own shapes and lines, which gives all boards a unique look. We appreciate natural deviations and see a charm in that everything is unique.
We offer environmentally friendly and climate-smart cutting boards that brings nature into your kitchen. With our cutting boards, we want to contribute to more recycling and less chemicals for a cleaner lifestyle closer to nature. Join us on a trip into the wild and be inspired by nature's shapes and lines. The name Warg of Sweden is dedicated to our son named Varg.