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Why oak?

Warg of Sweden offers environmentally friendly cutting boards with wood from our Swedish forests. All cutting boards are made of solid oak and it is possible to grind and polish the cutting boards after a period of use. Which means that the cutting boards can be used for years. We only work with oak thanks to its durability and its antibacterial properties. Oak contains natural tannic acid that is found in the cells of the wood and prevents bacterial attack.

Plastic cutting boards are not environmentally friendly and quickly become a bacterial cure when the cutting board gets deep grooves where bacteria can accumulate. Cutting boards made of ex bamboo contain large amounts of glue as small bamboo pieces are pressed together to become a cutting board. In principle, the knife always cuts directly on the adhesive, which over time loosens and dissolves. When worn it must be thrown away. There are a variety of cutting boards in different stone materials such as. marbles that are easy to keep clean and the cutting board hardly wear out when used. Instead, the blades are torn and quickly become dull against the hard surface. Instead of changing the cutting board at regular intervals, you have to replace the blades.

Cutting boards made of oak are gentle on your knives and are also excellent material for cutting boards due to its surface. The fibers in the wood receive the knife edge and allow it to run through the cutting board surface. All Warg of Sweden cutting boards are handmade and meet the requirements for an environmentally friendly cutting board. A cutting board with natural shapes is not only functional but also becomes a nice interior decoration when not in use.