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BBQ & Smooke - Engraved cutting board oak

899,00 kr

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Dimensions Medium: L 38 x B27  x hrs 3 cm

Made of a solid piece of oak and fits perfectly as both a cutting board and a serving board both before and after grilling. Classic cutting board with an elegant look where the chute for liquid runs along all four sides and prevents liquid from running down the table. The size is medium in size and optimal for all everyday jobs.

Everyone who grills deserves a personal cutting board that is completely dedicated to the grill! Whether it is meat, vegetarian, everyday or for a party, this cutting board fits perfectly, engrave any name and light the grill because finally the grill has got a new best friend. Perfect as a gift for those who have everything or for those who love to stand at the grill.  

The cutting board does not contain glue or other chemicals but is made from one and the same solid oak piece. It results in a natural masterpiece of annual rings and shapes that spread across the entire surface. Thanks to the fact that the cutting board is made of solid wood, after a period of use, you can sand the cutting board with a little sandpaper to restore it to its former condition. Take care of it and it lasts for generations. 

Does not withstand machine washing. Please see our care instructions in the menu tab. 
Note that the color tone of the cutting board may differ slightly from the sample images. All cutting boards have a classic oak color.