grillmästare skärbräda servering massiv ek personlig gravering
grillmästare skärbräda servering massiv ek exempel

Grillmaster - Engraved cutting board oak

899,00 kr

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Dimensions Medium: 38 x B18  x 2,5 cm

NOTE this article will be updated shortly. The new version will be slightly larger and with a gutter for liquid. New dimensions are L 38 x W27 x H2.5. Do you want to order the new version. Leave a message in the shopping cart and you will receive the new version instead. Write "want updated version with gutter"

The cutting board Barbecue master is here to stay. In all families there is a self-proclaimed barbecue master and this cutting board is for you, choose any name and declare yourself a barbecue master! With this beauty next to the grill, you make sure that no one tries to steal your place in the spotlight. 

Made of a solid piece of oak and fits perfectly as both a cutting board and a serving board. Stylish and simple cutting board with personal laser engraving in the lower right corner.

The cutting board is made from one and the same solid piece. It results in a natural masterpiece of annual rings and shapes that spread across the entire surface. Thanks to the fact that the cutting board is made of solid wood, you can, after a period of use, sand the cutting board with a little sandpaper to restore it to its former condition. Take care of it and it lasts for generations. 

Does not withstand machine washing. Please see our care instructions in the menu tab. 
Note that the color tone of the cutting board may vary slightly from the sample images. All cutting boards have a classic oak color. 

Tip: If you are not completely satisfied with the engraving but want to change something, copy the image and paste it into an image editing program where you make your changes and then post your design on this cutting board